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Factory Trained Technicians   



Do you want your lens just repaired?

Or do you also want it Optically Aligned and Calibrated?

With the high mega pixel models of D-SLR the focus of you lens is more critical then ever before. 

The new type of lens take special test equipment and software to do the Alignment and Calibration.  , and   will only sell this equipment to their Authorized Service Centers.  But not all their Authorized were trained and have this equipment.

:  Only had 4 Authorized Service Centers trained and equipped to service the DX and VR series Lens. 

Only had 10 Authorized Service Centers trained and equipped to service the L and IS series lens and about half of them are no out of business. 

: Only has 5 Authorized Service Centers trained and equipped to service their lens. 

Midwest Camera Repair is factory trained on these types of lens by Canon, Nikon and Sigma.  We have the manufactures test equipment and software for doing Alignment and Calibration. 


Test Equipment 
Lens test equipment is just not for adjusting the focus.  It also adjust the speed of the auto focus motor, matching the four corners of the image to the center, adjust the VR or IS unit, focus shift (wide and tele match), magnetic reader, focus and zoom encoders (so when the lens tells the camera's CPU it's zoom to 90mm and focused at 35 feet, the lens is truly is at 90mm and 35 feet).  All of these adjustments and more effect the quality of your image.

Midwest services some of the largest Lens Rental Houses in the country, also Studios, Newspapers and Hospitals.  Because of this we service more lens in a week then we do  cameras.  We have been in the optical repair business for over 60 years.   

Because of our large stock of old and new lens parts we still service many of the lens the manufacture no longer repair.  Like the Canon L-series non IS and Nikon pre D-series. 





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MCR, one of only three Nikon Service Centers in the U.S., trained and Authorized to service the VR series lens.


MCR, was one of only ten Canon Service Centers in the U.S., trained and Authorized to service the IS series lens.  Also, one of only ten Authorized Digital SLR sensor cleaning depots.


MCR is the only Kodak Service Center in North America Authorized to service the Pro Digital SLR &  Pro Digital Medium Format backs.


MCR, one of only 4 Sigma Authorized Service Centers in the US.  As a Sigma service center we can purchase parts directly from Sigma, no 4 to 6 weeks waiting for parts from a distributor.

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(Also Manufacturer's Extended Warranty)   Out of Warranty repairs on most major brands

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