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  • Factory Trained Technicians

  • Midwest Camera Repair has been a Authorized         Warranty Service Center for over 45 years, we service Digital, Film, Lens, Strobe and Accessories. 

  • Calibration:  After each repair your camera's calibration is inspected and adjust.  Autofocus Sensor (Pitch and Yaw), Focus Grids (Balanced), Autofocus Shift (No Front or Back Focusing).   Also Color and White Balance. 

  • There is no charge for checking Calibration on your D-SLR, if it is in need of calibration, the cost is $125.00 for calibration only, includes sensor cleaning. 

  • Midwest is one of only four Service Centers in the United States trained and Authorized to service the VR series lens.

(Below is just a few images of the test equipment we use in servicing products.)

Pearl Collimator 
Adjusting Focus Shift
between Tele and Wide 


Optical Alignment
Adjusting lens possession
of each lens grouping 

Slant Target
Checking for back
and front focus

Optical Bench


Vibration Reduction

Laser is used to optimize
the vibration reduction unit


Mirror Collimator

Laser is used to adjust
the angle of the reflex mirror
& the autofocus sub-mirror



  • Digital,

  • Film,

  • Lens

  • & Accessories 

From Professional to Amateur, from Digital to film we can handle your service needs 


Out of Warranty repairs
on most major brands

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(Also Manufacturer's Extended Warranty)   Out of Warranty repairs on most major brands

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