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Film SLR and Manual Focus Lenses


Midwest still services many of the old Film SLR and Lens models

Because Midwest was an Authorized Service Center for Minolta, Canon, Pentax, Leica, Graflex, EPOI and Rollie in the past we still have a large inventory of new parts for many of the older models of Film SLR and Manual Focus Lenses. 

Are your shutter speed correct, shutters jumpy, meter off, light leaks? 

Do your old lenses have tight focus, fogged optics, diaphragm sticking?

We can usually give an accurate on line estimate on SLR models and lenses, unless the lenses have fogging, this can increase the repair cost depending on the severity and location in the lens.  

Please Email first before sending in equipment, there are models we do not service. 

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Repair Form PDF

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