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Professional Digital

Midwest Camera Repair is the Exclusive Authorized Service Center
in North America for 
Professional Digital Products.


Sorry we no longer service these models



Pro SLR-n, Pro-14n, SLR-c:                  

Sorry we no longer service these models


Pocket Wizard Up-Date:  NLA

Midwest has acquired all the remaining parts and accessories for  these 3 models at a reduced price and therefore can service them at a lower rate then previously.   

Sensors are no longer available for the above models.  

We have a large stock of original batteries, card doors and front grips for this model. 


DCS- Pro Back, Pro Back Plus & Pro Back 645 series:     

At this time we are NO LONGER accepting the Kodak Pro Back models in for repair or testing.  

Please DO NOT send in the Pro Backs for testing or checking for proper working order, we no longer do this service.  All the computers, test and adjustment equipment have been dismantled for these models.  10/3/14.

Because most of the parts for this model are no longer available and the limited number we receive in for repair it is not advantageous for us to continue service on these models, this includes pixel mapping.            4/15/13, Updated 6/12/13  

On the PRO BACK models part have become very limited.  We no longer have main boards or imagers.  Most can no longer be repaired.  12/01/12

We still have some accessories for Pro Backs.  

We no longer have batteries or battery charges for these models.


DCS-700, 600, 500, 400, 300 and 200 series models: 

Parts are no longer available for the DCS-700, 600, 500, 400, 300 and 200 series models.  Also EOS-1c.   11/05/13

We no longer have batteries, battery charges or A/C adapters for these models. 








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