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  Open Monday-Friday between 10:00am and 4:00pm.  As always you can ship in your equipment.  

To set up a walk in sensor cleaning or minor repair appointment call us at 734-285-2220 

Email quotes are answered Monday-Friday 9:00am-6:00pm repairs@midwestcamera.com



Now Servicing Godox Lighting and Flash Units




                            Factory Trained Technicians

           FAMILY OWNED SINCE 1957   

                 1957-2023  66 Years of Service 

Three Generation Providing Quality Service



Digital SLR Serivce               Film SLR/MF Lens Service



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MCR, one of only four Nikon Service Centers in the U.S., trained and Authorized to service the VR series lens.  

Midwest as a Nikon Authorized Repair Center is still be able to purchase repair parts from Nikon.    


MCR, was one of only ten Canon Service Centers in the U.S., trained and Authorized to service the IS series lens.  Also, one of only ten Authorized Digital SLR sensor cleaning depots.


MCR is the only Kodak Service Center in North America Authorized to service the Pro Digital SLR &  Pro Digital Medium Format backs.

Digital Accessories
(Battery, Chargers, etc.)

MCR, one of only 5 Sigma Authorized Service Centers in the US.  As a Sigma service center we can purchase parts directly from Sigma, no 4 to 6 weeks waiting for parts from a distributor.



Midwest Camera Repair is looking to hire an experienced D-SLR & Lens Technician for a full-time position. Please send confidential resumes to repairs@midwestcamera.com or 

click here.

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NOTE: Olympus, Fuji, Yashica Pentax, Ricoh and Contax we only service Film SLR and Film Lenses as most of these companies will not sell Digital repair parts or test equipment. 

Commitment to Education: Midwest Techs. have attended over 30 different Manufacture Digital training schools on Digital SLR, Lens and accessories.  


          How Midwest got it's Start:

Before Midwest Got it's Start:

Why do we have an ad from a 1899 newspaper posted for a company that sells and repairs farming implements and manufactures delivery wagons?


At MCR we take our jobs very seriously, and we want  your association with our company to be one of satisfaction and benefit to you ... you see, we're proud of our reputation, we know we've built it one satisfied customer at a time.

Contact Midwest Camera Repair today! Repairs@midwestcamera.com

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Office Hours Monday - Friday 10am - 4pm.

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